Department of Architecture

ERASMUS Exchange Program

Understanding other countries, other cultures and their attitudes, traditions, and taboos is extremely eminent today and will become even more important in the future.

A stay abroad certainly is a means of developing a greater understanding for others and gaining a more critical view of one’s own country and own patterns of behavior. A stay abroad is most effective and formative during one’s years of education when the acceptance of new things and the receptiveness for new experiences are highest.

Such stays abroad are supported by the ERASMUS+ Program which was established by the European Union in 1987 as an educational program promoting the cooperation of universities on a European level and the exchange of students, lecturers, and administrative staff within the European member states and other states participating in the program.

The ERASMUS+ Program enables students of the participating universities to study at a partner university in Europe on condition that both universities have adopted the ERASMUS University Charter and have signed a corresponding cooperation agreement which, as a rule, relates to a specific department or faculty.

The Department of Architecture encourages students to take part in the program. Please do not hesitate to contact Dr.-Ing. Judith Reeh who coordinates the program. Dr.-Ing. Reeh gets support from the ERASMUS office (organized as part of the Deanery) where you can get detailed advice on application, prerequisites, and other things worth knowing. More information and advice can be obtained from KIT’s International Office (Akademisches Auslandsamt).

Students who decide to go abroad can choose among a large variety of universities.