Department of Architecture


The master’s degree has become the final degree of studies at the Karlsruhe Institute of Technology (KIT) during implementation of the Bologna Process for creating and establishing the European Higher Education Area. The consecutive bachelor’s and master’s programs offered at KIT thus are integrated overall concepts based on consecutive curricula.

The Architecture Master’s Program comprises four semesters upon which a final exam (120 ECTS credits) must be passed to take the final degree of a Master of Science (M. Sc.). During master’s studies, the scientific qualifications gained during the bachelor’s studies in the relevant five subjects:


  • Arts and Theory

  • Civil Engineering

  • Town and Landscape

  • Art and Building History

  • Designing


In many respects, master’s studies correspond to project studies: A theory or project along with a written report must be worked out each semester. The one worked out during the third semester prepares the student for the final master’s project the entire forth semester will be dedicated to. Students can choose from a large variety of project topics and courses. It is advisable, however, to avail oneself of guidance in the drawing up of individual degree programs. All mandatory definitions and requirements for the course of studies are fixed in the examination regulations. The degree program elaborated on the basis of these specifications is a recommendation for appropriate studies in accordance with the prescribed examination regulations.