Department of Architecture


Architecture Bachelor’s Programme

Application for admission only for the winter semester.
Deadline: July 15 each year (non-prolongable cut-off period!)

One of the following qualifications is required:
General qualification for university entrance
Technically orientated specific qualification for university entrance
Qualification obtained at a Technische Oberschule (technical upper school) in Baden-Württemberg

Please consult KIT Studienbüro in case of qualifications from other German Federal Lands whose validity throughout the country (especially in Baden-Wuerttemberg) is not directly evident.

Foreign applicants are requested to submit their qualifications for university entrance translated into German, English or French and must have adequate knowledge of German. Admission to the Bachelor’s Program is restricted. After deduction of a preliminary rate of hardship cases (5 %), foreign applicants (10 %), and second-degree applicants (2 %), 10 percent of 156 possible students are admitted after a waiting period of one or more semesters. 90 percent of the students that can be admitted are accepted passing selection procedures.

The selection procedure is mainly based on the school performance of the applicants which together with a range of so-called other achievements adds up to a credit point ranking.  

1. General school performance
Total university entrance qualification points.

2. Subject-specific school performance:
Upper school advanced level grade points achieved for the subjects German, mathematics, a modern foreign language (highest grade),  an artistic subject, and a humanities-related subject.

3. Other achievements
Qualification in a recognized occupation requiring formal training, and former occupational practice, also without qualification, that is relevant to the intended course of studies. Practical experience, extracurricular achievements and qualifications (for example prizes, awards, memberships in working groups, and particularly social or political commitment or commitment to sports, gap year taken to do voluntary work in the social sector, etc.), and specific subject-relevant preparatory training such as physics courses at upper school advanced level.

Architecture Master’s Program

Application for admission both for the winter and the summer semester.

Deadline for the winter semester: July 15 (non-prolongable cut-off period!)

Deadline for the summer semester: January 15 (non-prolongable cut-off period!)


Admission to the Master’s Program is restricted. 75 students have been admitted for the academic year 2009/2010.

Admission to the selection procedure requires:

  • An above-average bachelor’s degree or at least equivalent degree or qualification from a university, university of applied science or university of cooperative education. Achievement of a minimum of 180 ECTS points or, alternatively, studies of at least three years’ duration in architecture or a related subject.

  • Portfolios or project folders (as practical scientific recitation). The deadline for portfolio/folder submission will be announced four weeks in advance.

    The credits assigned to the sum of the bachelor’s and portfolio/folder gradings add up to a credit point ranking that provides the basis for admission. The overall grade of the final examination is converted to allow reaching a maximum of 30 credits. The portfolio/folder recitation is evaluated separately on a scale reaching from 0 to 15. A total of 45 credits can be obtained.

Up to 10 credits may be added to the overall number of credits if you can produce proof of an office internship, of a qualification in a recognized occupation requiring formal training or of occupational practice, also without training qualification, that is relevant to the intended course of studies.

Art History Bachelor’s and Master’s Programs

According to an ordinance issued on July 17, 2009 by the Ministry of Science, Research, and Culture, admission to the Art History Bachelor’s and Master’s Programs is unrestricted.

Old-building Renovation Master’s Program

Admission to the Postgraduate Old-building Renovation Master’s Program requires a bachelor’s degree or equivalent degree (“Diplom“) and proof of occupational aptitude.

Admission is restricted to the winter semesters.

In addition, proofs must be produced of a two-year training qualification that is relevant to the intended course of studies and of other, scientific, and occupational qualifications. A personal statement giving the reasons for choosing Karlsruhe as the place of study and for selecting the desired study course and future profession must be added to all other documents.

The available semestral admissions to the Postgraduate Old-building Renovation Master’s Program are distributed among all applicants fulfilling the above formal conditions. If there are qualified applicants in excess of the number of available admissions, candidates are chosen by selection and rankings of course achievements, other, scientific, and occupational qualifications, and selection interviews. Total credits then are calculated by considering the credits obtained for the course achievements (20 %), for other, scientific, and occupational qualifications (30 %), and for the selection interview (50 %).

A maximum of 80 points can be obtained for course achievements. Up to 15 points are achievable for other, scientific, and occupational qualifications such as:

  • Qualification in a recognized occupation requiring formal training

  • Practical experience and specific preparatory training

  • Extracurricular achievements and qualifications such as prizes and awards

Outstanding scientific achievements such as relevant publications, exceptional scientific papers, research activities, and research experience gained at scientific institutions or in industry can be considered in addition.

The selection interview serves to find out whether the expertise gained by the applicant in the course of studies provides a sufficient basis for the required preliminary scientific and practical knowledge. Moreover, it is assessed whether he or she is apt for and open-minded to the selected study course. Each applicant is interviewed by a selection commission for approximately 30 minutes and is accredited with up to 15 points.

KIT will announce the times and places of the selection interviews two weeks in advance. Applicants admitted to take part in the interview will be invited in due course.