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Table Talk
Accompany students and teachers of the faculty to special places in Karlsruhe and learn more about the study and the city. 

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Details for the study program bachelor in Art History

Degree and duration of studies

The bachelor's program is designed for a standard period of study of 6 semesters. The total amount needed is 180 credit points (CP), whereby one CP should correspond to a workload of about 30 hours.

The title Bachelor of Arts (B.A.) is awarded.

Maximum duration of study: 12 semesters.

Supplementary elective subject outside Art History

In addition to the subject Art History, a supplementary elective subject must be chosen from the following subjects and studied to the extent of 46 CP:

  • History and theory of architecture
  • European history of ideas
  • German studies
  • History
  • Musicology
  • Pedagogy
  • Philosophy
  • Sociology

There is a choice of subjects with practical work experience:

  • Cultural theory and practice (CTP)
  • Media theory and practice (MTP)

The supplementary elective subject outside of Art History does not need to be specified when applying for the program.

All subject combinations of the humanities and social sciences can be found in the brochure "Humanities and Social Sciences: General Section".

Study structure and contents

The study program is divided into the following subjects:

  1. Basics and methods of art studies: modules encompassing 20 CP
  2. Epochs and styles: modules encompassing 20 CP
  3. Form and meaning: modules encompassing 20 CP
  4. Artists and society: modules encompassing 24 CP
  5. Applied science: module encompassing 12 CP
  6. Aesthetics and cultural theory: module encompassing 12 CP

In addition:

  • A supplementary elective subject outside of Art History encompassing 46 CP
  • Interdisciplinary qualifications/ key qualifications encompassing 6 CP
  • A professional internship with a duration of at least 6 weeks encompassing 8 CP

Application and admission

Starting to study Art History is only possible in the winter semester. The program is admission-restricted. An application is only possible for the core subject. The supplementary subject does not need to be specified in the application. The choice of the supplementary subject is only made at the beginning of the program..

German language skills for international applicants

In order to be able to study in German, international applicants must provide proof of appropriate language skills. For the application, you need at least knowledge at a B1 level. All certificates are accepted, but a certificate of participation in a B1 course is also sufficient. To enroll, the DSH2 or one of the recognized equivalents must be presented. Further information is available from the International Students Office.