Building and planning in an inter­national context - German-French double­master­programme in architecture


The German-French double master program in architecture is offered jointly by the Ecole Nationale Supérieure de l'Architecture de Strasbourg ENSAS and the Department of Architecture of the Karlsruhe Institute of Technology KIT and has a pilot character for the opening of the job market in the course of a cross-border planning policy. Qualified architects and urban planners can establish themselves as experts in cross-border issues, as well as in regional and economic issues of architecture, urban and landscape planning. In Strasbourg and Karlsruhe they acquire the knowledge and methods to deal with different spatial scales - from the region to the city and from the city quarter to the building. In this respect, the Upper Rhine region serves as a testing ground for the students. At the same time, the study programme guarantees that the knowledge and skills acquired are transferable to other regions in Europe.

The double master's programme in architecture is sponsored by the Franco-German University in SaarbrückenDFH.

Further information

Website of the double master at KIT
Website of the double master at ENSAS

Contact persons

Arturo Romero
Department of Architecture at the Karlsruhe Institute of Technology
e-mail: arturo.romero∂

Dominik Neidlinger
Ecole nationale supérieure d'architecture de Strasbourg.
e-mail: scolarite∂

Short profile

DegreesMaster of Science (KIT), Diplôme d'État d'Architecte (ENSAS)
Standard period of study4 semesters
Type of studyFull-time study
Part-time studyCounselling for individual course of studies
Language of instructionGerman and French
Start of studiespossible for the winter semester
Application deadline10 June 2021
Admissionby admission procedure
Internship12-week office internship is a prerequisite for admission; an 8-week office internship in the partner country is planned to accompany the course of study.
Credits120 credit points
KIT application portal

Course of studies

The geographical proximity of the two universities of architecture to each other, their location within a common, characteristic landscape, the Upper Rhine Plain, and at the same time two different European states, mean a unique situation. They make a closely interlocked study programme possible, which thrives on the lively exchange between students and lecturers from both universities.

The four-semester double master's programme is based on a correspondingly high degree of integration: In the first academic year, students enrolled in Strasbourg and Karlsruhe study together, spending the first semester at ENSAS and the second semester at KIT. The group dynamic created in the first year of study is further promoted in the third semester by taking half of the modules and courses at the home university and half at the partner university. In the fourth semester, participants study fully at their home university with the aim of writing their own Master's thesis. An intercultural tutorial accompanying the four master's semesters supports the students in positioning themselves within the double-master's specific subject matter.

In addition to the stay at the partner university, the achievements of the double master's programme include the completion of an office internship of at least two months in the partner country. Study and examination achievements at the partner university will be credited at the home university towards the achievements required for the award of the degree. The double master program follows the study and examination regulations of the master programs in architecture of ENSAS and KIT.

1st semesterENSAS StrasbourgJoint studies in Strasbourg
2nd semesterKIT Department of Architecture
Joint studies in Karlsruhe
3rd semesterENSAS Strasbourg and
KIT Department of Architecture
Study at the home university
by taking modules at the partner university
4th semesterHome universityProcessing of the master thesis

Financial statements

The Master's thesis must reflect the special topic of the double Master's program - building and planning in Euroregions, cross-border design. The final presentation will take place in front of a joint jury consisting of representatives of ENSAS and KIT.

The diploma certificate consists of three parts:

(1) Master of Science in Architecture (M.Sc. in Architecture), issued by KIT.
(2) Diplôme d'Etat d'architecte (grade de Master), issued by ENSAS
(3) Double diploma certificate, issued by ENSAS and KIT

Application and admission

Students who wish to participate in this study program need a Bachelor's degree in architecture or at least an equivalent degree as well as proof of a successfully completed 12-week office internship. Students still enrolled in the diploma program in architecture must have successfully completed the third year of study in order to be admitted. Knowledge of the language of the partner country corresponding to level B2 of the "Common European Framework of Reference for Languages" is also required. Applicants are tested in this at their home university.

Selection takes place via a two-stage procedure: At the beginning there is the selection via an application portfolio. In the subsequent selection interview, a jury consisting of representatives of ENSAS and KIT assesses the personal and professional motivation of the candidates.

Application portfolios are submitted to ENSAS or to the KIT Department of Architecture and must contain the following documents:

- Letter of motivation (bilingual),
- curriculum vitae (bilingual),
- transcript of grades and overview of all academic achievements up to that point,
- Copy of the Bachelor's degree certificate or the certificate of at least an equivalent degree,
- Portfolio with studies and own (design) projects (design titles bilingual),
- Proof of language skills in German (DSH2 or equivalent) and French.

Application deadline for the winter semester 2021/22 is June 10, 2021.
Digital application only required. Send by email to arturo.romero∂
Selection interview will be held via video conference at the end of June 2021.
Participation in the selection interview is a prerequisite for enrolment in the respective university.

La date limite d'inscription au Double Master pour le Semestre d'hiver 2021/2022 est le 10 juin.
Documentation d'inscription digitale seulement. Envoyer par email à arturo.romero∂
Les entretiens d'admission se feront par visioconférence fin juin 2021.
La participation aux entretiens d'admission est obligatoire pour l'inscription dans l'école qui correspond.

Enrolment and tuition fees

During the stay at the partner university, the participants remain enrolled at the home university, where the administrative or tuition fees are to be paid. Students are exempt from the tuition fees of the partner university and only have to pay low registration fees.