For a good start of studies, the orientation phase with the mentoring program takes place annually for the new freshmen in the week before the start of lectures of the winter semester. Information of the department, the KIT and the student representatives as well as a first semester handbook complete the offer.

The orientation phase for the winter semester 2021/22 will take place in the week from 11 to 15 October 2021.


Dipl.-Ing. Doris Kern

Coordination of projects in the introductory phase of studies

Table of Contents


Orientation Phase (O-Phase)

TheO-Phase is an important introduction to the studies: It is organized by the Student Council of Architecture and Art History in cooperation with the Dean's Office and lecturers of both study programmes and serves to inform about the upcoming semester, the university and the studies. The new students are introduced to the studios, the subject areas and the most important procedures and places at the department. In addition, the choice of studios in the Architecture programme and the allocation of seminar places in the History of Art programme will take place. During the O-Phase, the first projects for an exhibition at the department are already being worked on. And with all this, fun is not to be neglected! The leisure and evening programme of the student council makes it easy to make contact with other first-year students and students from higher semesters.

Start and schedule of O-Phase 2021:

Due to the current Corona situation, we have only been able to finalise the planning of O-Phase this year on short notice. Some of the offerings will be online, others will be face-to-face. Please arrange to have flexible internet access to video conferences as well as the possibility to come to Karlsruhe during this week.

We will begin on Monday, 11.10.2021 from 10:00 to 10:30, with a video welcome via zoom.
The link for this is:

Meeting ID: 683 9559 4356, ID Code: 531787

For more information, visit the Architecture Student Council website, the Art History program's O-Phase website, social media, and here on the official department website.

Ilias registration

On the KIT learning platform Ilias all presentations/materials of the O-Phase will be available.
How Ilias works will be explained in the introductory session. Important: Registration for the O-Phase course is only possible from Monday, 11.10.21.

Info booklet for first­semester architecture and art­history

60 pages that will help you start your studies.

Download Pdf

O-Phase 2021: The Program

Status: 12.10.2021
Monday, 11.10.2021
10:00-10:30Architecture and Art History: Welcome event + introduction of student representatives
Online via Zoom, Meeting ID: 683 9559 4356, ID code: 531787
10:30Introduction to Bachelor of Architecture (Prof. Dr. Barbara Engel)
Online via Zoom, Meeting-ID: 683 9559 4356, Identifier: 53178
10:30Introduction to Bachelor of Art History (Prof. Dr. Oliver Jehle)
Online per Zoom, Meeting-ID: 685 6471 2049, Identifier: 264028
12:00Course of the O-Phase and explanation of the learning platform Ilias (Doris Kern)
Online via Zoom, Meeting-ID: 683 9559 4356, ID: 531787
14:00-16:30Course of studies Bachelor Architecture: Presentation of studies
Online via Zoom, Meeting-ID: 692 6098 8347, Identifier: 637398
14:00-15:00Art History Programme: Structure of the Bachelor (Dr. Jesús Muñoz)
Online via Zoom, Meeting-ID: 644 2355 8827, identification code: 380567
15:00-16:00History of Art Studies: Presentation and questions
about electives and key qualifications
(Prof. Dr. Martin Papenbrock)
Online via Zoom, meeting ID: 622 7641 7695, identification code: 363861
17:00-18:00Architecture: Meet&Greet with the mentors
Online via Zoom, Meeting-ID: 678 0454 0832, ID code: 657528
18:00-19:00Art history: Meet&Greet withthe mentors
Online via Zoom, Meeting-ID: 693 5378 5826, Identifier: 075558
Tuesday, 12.10.2021In the morning online for students of art history, otherwise in presence
9:00-12:00Art History: Info on study organisation and info on seminars/seminar place allocation .
Online via Zoom, meeting ID: 657 0287 2237, identification code: 134270
10:00-14:00Architecture only: Department and campus tours in small groups
Appointments available through O-Phase Ilias course, approximately 1-hour event staggered due to Corona protections.
14:00-16:00Architecture and Art History: Department and campus tours in small groups
Appointment via the O-Phase Ilias course, approx. 1-hour event staggered due to Corona protection measures

Please bring your own food and refreshments!
Wednesday, 13.10.2021Morning online via Zoom, afternoon presence
10:00-11:30Architecture and Art History: Presentation of O-Phase Projects
Online via Zoom, Meeting-ID: 621 2494 9126 identification code: 922238
11:30-12:30Architecture: "What to Know" - Information from the student advisory service and mentors
Online via Zoom, Meeting-ID: 641 3673 2343, ID code: 799543
11:30-12.30Art History: Tips for first-year students of Art History
Online via Zoom, meeting ID: 670 2864 6133, identification code: 762227
14:00-18:00Architecture and Art History: Working on the O-Phase Projects
In groups in presence
Thursday, 14.10.2021Presence / from 18.00h Online via Zoom
10:00 to 16:00Architecture and Art History: Working on the O-Phase-Projects
In groups in presence
18:00Architecture and History ofArt: Presentation and Judging of the O-Phase-Projects Online
By Zoom, Meeting ID: 698 0993 2343, ID code: 362958
Friday, 15.10.2021Online per Zoom for Art History, from 11:30 Presence
10:00Art history: individual questions to lecturers and secretariat
Per Zoom, meeting ID: 654 2004 5921, identification code: 877597
12:30City rally

Mentoring Program


The mentoring program of the KIT Department of Architecture is integrated into the O-Phase with the aim of giving all first-year students a good start into their studies. Students of the 3rd and 5th semester, who have been prepared for this task with a training, accompany the new students during the O-phase and are also available afterwards as contact persons for all possible questions concerning the studies. This provides easy and direct access to information and assistance at the beginning of the studies and promotes the networking of the students of the department across semesters and courses.

If you are interested in participating in the program as a mentor in the 3rd or 5th semester, please note the annual announcement of the program in the middle/end of July. To apply, submit a brief motivational text to the departmental student bodies(fachschaft∂arch kit edu / fachschaft-kunstgeschichte∂web de). All art history students and applicants from the 2nd and 4th semester of architecture are eligible to apply.

Important info / FAQ


Information about the measures taken by KIT and the KIT Department of Architecture for Corona precautions and the associated restrictions and changes in study operations can be found on this website:

Technical Information of the SCC

The Steinbuch Centre for Computing (SCC) is responsible for the information technology of KIT. In order to make your start technically successful, the SCC has compiled some relevant information, e.g. on how to activate the KIT user account, how to set up the e-mail box, how to prepare the KIT card, and much more.

Information about buying a laptop

Due to the current situation, part of the teaching, such as some lectures, will already take place online in the first semester. Therefore, in terms of your technical equipment, you should already be able to participate in video conferences and upload and download corresponding data volumes at the beginning of your studies. Irrespective of this, it is recommended that you purchase a laptop in the course of the first year of study to support flexible learning and working.

The software used in architectural studies ranges from drawing programs (e.g. Vectorworks, Archicad, Autocad, Revit, Allplan), to 3D programs (e.g. Rhino, Sketchup, 3ds Max or Cinema 4D), to graphics, image processing and layout programs (mainly from Adobe or Serif) and thus places very different demands on the hardware of your computer.

Of course, the choice of the device is your decision alone, but we would like to show you on the basis of the most important components, what should be paid attention to when buying a laptop. An initial guide is provided by the system requirements, which the software manufacturers usually state on their website. We therefore recommend the following minimum equipment:

Processor: 64-bit Intel i5, min. 2 GHz or comparable AMD Ryzen Mobile processors.
RAM: min. 8 GB RAM, preferably 16 GB RAM
Hard disk: min. 512 GB SSD
Graphics card: dedicated graphics card with min. 2 GB VRAM, better 4 GB
Screen: min. FullHD, i.e. 1920x1080 pixels, ideally an IPS or VA panel.

Besides the pure hardware requirements, the longevity of your device is important - you are studying with a standard period of study of 6 semesters Bachelor and 4 semesters in Master, so see your laptop as an investment that should accompany you for several years.


Software packages are often available to students at a discount. Here it is advisable to wait for the start of your studies and to wait for the suggestions and tips of the lecturers and students from higher semesters.
For the 3D software Rhinoceros (McNeal), which you will use in the first semester, licenses have already been reserved at reduced rates. To make use of this offer, please register in KIT ILIAS in the period 11.10.2021 - 22.10.2021 under the following course:

1720801 - Architectural Geometry | Rhino Licenses | Registration Rhino Licenses.

You will receive more information about the procedure and the associated costs at the beginning of the lecture Architectural Geometry.