Welcome to the master's program in architecture or art history at the KIT Department of Architecture! We would like you to arrive well and for this purpose we have compiled the information and offers that make the start easier.

The orientation phase for the winter semester 2021/22 will take place in the week from 11 to 15.10.2021.


Dipl.-Ing. Doris Kern

Coordination of projects in the introductory phase of studies

Table of contents


Courses in Architecture and Art History

Semester brochure of the department
The semester brochure is available as a PDF and provides an overview of the department, as well as course offerings and the semester schedule. Link follows.

Everything you need to know about planning and carrying out your studies: Website "Organisation of studies"!
On the website "Organisation of Studies" of the department you will find important dates, links and information to keep an eye on the organisational matters of your studies.

Dates for the Master's Degree in Architecture

Monday, 11.10.2021, 10:00Welcome of the new master students via Zoom(Meeting-ID: 683 9559 4356 / Identcode: 531787 ).
Presentations and further information also in the Ilias course
Monday, 11.10.2021, 11:30 a.m.Introduction to the Master's Program in Architecture by Zoom (Meeting-ID: 683 9559 4356 / Identifier: 531787)
Monday, 11.10.2021, 12:00Course of the O-Phase and explanation of the learning platform Ilias (Doris Kern)
Online via Zoom, Meeting-ID: 683 9559 4356, identification code: 531787
from Monday, 11.10.2021Information on all courses can be found on the homepage of the architecture department and in the online course catalog.
Monday, 11.10.2021, 13.30.Information about the urban design major online via Zoom (meeting ID: 685 2517 4783, identification code: 961811).
Wednesday, 13.10.2021, 9:00Presentation of the design topics online via Zoom
(Meeting-ID: 684 7009 2612, identification code: 036480)

Professorship Sustainable Building
Professorship Urban Neighbourhood Planning
Professorship International Urban Design
Professorship City and Housing
Chair of Landscape Architecture
Chair of Building Construction
Chair of Fundamentals of Building Construction
Professorship Constructive Design Methodology
Professorship Building Lifecycle Management
Professorship Digital Design and Fabrication
Professorship Building Theory
Professorship Space and Design
Professorship Building Planning and Design
Visiting Professorship Wüstenrot Foundation
Visiting Professorship Sto Foundation

Presentations and further information also in the Ilias course
Wednesday, 13.10.2021, 14:00 to Friday, 15.10.2021, 10:00Allocation of places for master's drafts in Wiwi-https://portal.wiwi.kit.edu/ys/5312
After the deadline, the places will be distributed optimally and you will receive a notification.
Wednesday, 13.10.2021, 14:00Place allocation other events in Wiwi-Portal:
Thursday, 14.10., 9:30 a.m.Open office hours of the student advisory service
Online via Zoom, (meeting ID: 628 8796 8775, identification code: 071526)
Thursday, 14.10.2021, 14:001. lottery of the places
Participation must be confirmed within one day of receiving the place.
Friday, 15.10.2021, 14:00Registration deadline
Until the 1st draw the registration is only possible for a maximum of 3 events, after that unlimited. From the time of the 1st draw onwards, vacant or free places will be re-drawn every 10 minutes.
Please return any unwanted places in the system.
Tuesday, 2.11.2021, 18:00Information Preparation Master thesis online via Zoom

Campus Tours

Tuesday, 12.10.2021In presence
10:00-14:00Architecture only: small group department and campus tours.
Appointments available through O-Phase Ilias course, approximately 1-hour event staggered due to Corona protections.
14:00-16:00Architecture and Art History: Department and campus tours in small groups
Appointment via the O-Phase Ilias course, approx. 1-hour event staggered due to Corona protection measures

Please bring your own food and refreshments!

Master's degree in art history

Information of the History of Art
The Department of Art History provides information about the Master's program in Art History and the semester schedule on their website.

Presentation of the study programs Art History
at KIT 26.10.2020, 11:00-11:30,
Zoom Conference
The link for this is: https://kit-lecture.zoom.us/j/94753480800?pwd=Qmc1Z3pQZmd4TnBsbDN6dUU1YXMxZz09
Meeting ID: 947 5348 0800 / ID code: 935028

New Master students are cordially invited to attend the introduction to the study of Art History by Prof.Dr. Oliver Jehle, Dean of Studies, together with the new Bachelor students.

Individual questions to lecturers and secretariat
30.10.2020, 10:00, Zoom Conference
(The link will be announced shortly)
Offer for Bachelor and Master students

Important info / FAQ


Information about the measures taken by KIT and the KIT Department of Architecture for Corona precautions and the associated restrictions and changes in study operations can be found on this website: https://www.kit.edu/kit/25911.php.

Technical Information of the SCC

The Steinbuch Centre for Computing (SCC) is responsible for the information technology of KIT. In order to make your start technically successful, the SCC has compiled some relevant information, e.g. on how to activate the KIT user account, how to set up the e-mail box, how to prepare the KIT card, and much more.

Short overview of important websites and portals

KIT and the Department of Architecture use information and administration systems that directly affect your study organization, be it in teaching, when documents are made available, when dates for the semester are published, or when you have to register for exams. The various portals and websites fulfil different functions. The most important ones for you are briefly presented here.

Website of the KIT Department of Architecture


The website of the KIT Department of Architecture functions as a pure information website. It provides an overview of the various institutions, persons, and committees of the department as well as of the courses offered. It also announces current events, dates, and publications. In the section "Organisation of studies" you can find important dates, timetables, forms etc.. There are also video tutorials on how to register for and deregister from exams to help you with this process.

The various professorships of the department also have websites. The links to these can be found under the menu item "Institutes". The websites are maintained by the professorships themselves and differ in scope and offer.

Campus Management Portal


The Campus Management Portal is a central platform of KIT, which manages courses, exam registration and deregistration, re-registration for the next study semester and all possible certificates. Compared to the department website, it is not only about information, but about your personal study organization. If you have difficulties with the Campus Management Portal, the Dean of Studies Office of the Department (Building 20.40, Room 139) can often help.

WiWi Portal


The WiWi-Portal is used to allocate places for courses. It is only relevant in the weeks before the lecture period. Registration usually takes place via the KIT account, but if this is not yet available, registration with a private email address is also possible.



KIT uses the learning platform ILIAS. Here, teachers can set up courses for individual learning events and modules and then make learning materials available or set up submissions. ILIAS can also be used to send e-mails or set up calendars for courses. In most cases, the professorships set up a course and then inform the students concerned about the respective joining procedure. This can be done by the professors themselves or with a link and/or password. You should definitely join the corresponding ILIAS courses in order to receive the emails and materials for the courses and to be able to hand in required performances on time!

Social Media at the Department of Architecture


Department life includes many exhibitions, lectures, symposia and publications but also hiwi-jobs and festivals. This information is also communicated via the social media accounts of the department, the student council and the professors and teaching staff.