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Festhalle Durlach

In the course of a planning workshop in 2013 the City of Karlsruhe identified a building site for development opposite Durlach Train Station. As opposed to the standard “retail + housing” scheme the council would like to support civic functions that revive this important entrance to the city.
The Festhalle of Durlach, a city owned venue located in a residential neighborhood nearby, accommodates a concert hall, seminar rooms, restaurant, beer garden and a bowling alley. Due to insufficient technical standards and new spatial requirements the council is looking for a better solution to accommodate contemporary needs for the venue. The relocation of the Festhalle to Durlach Train Station is an excellent opportunity to revive both: future “Festhalle” and this prominent and very well-connected site.

In the course of the studio we will examine and question the program of a “Festhalle”. What does festivity mean today? What other functions could complement the existing ones for an all-day running community centre? What spatial and programmatic requirements does the community of today have? How can a civic building respond spatially and aesthetically to the public spaces surrounding it?

Projects will be developed in conversation with members of the community and local authorities to formulate a relevant architectural answer to an actual city development task. The results may be publicly exhibited in Durlach after final presentations to support the public discourse on the development of the site.

Appointment: on Thursdays, fortnightly
First meeting: Th 18.10.18, 10:00 am, 20.40 R257 (Seminarraum a*komm)
Excursion: one day in calendar week 43
Submission/Exam: 22.02.2019

Dekleva, Aljoša 
Kraemer, Oriana 

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