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Fakultät für Architektur

Campus Süd
Gebäude 20.40 

Englerstr. 7
D-76131 Karlsruhe

April 2016
June 2016
May 2016

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The Department of Architecture at the Karlsruhe Institute of Technology (KIT) has a long tradition reaching back to the foundation of Universität Karlsruhe in 1825. Ever since, many reputable teachers have been attending to students’ needs. Today, 21 professors from four newly founded institutes with 26 subject areas and fields of teaching as well as a large staff of academic assistants, assistant lecturers, and visiting professors ensure that our approximately 750 students can profit from excellent diversified teaching based on practical and modern concepts. Our department is well provided with students’ workplaces, workshops, and IT equipment.

Besides studying architecture, you may enroll in "Art History", the master’s degree in "Old-Building Renovation" or the german-french double master "Building and Planning in Euro Regions".
After one ERASMUS year, many of the foreign students stay at our department in order to finish their degrees here.

Aktuelle Veranstaltungen

Love Live Arch
Presentations Summer Semester 2016

Eight presentations on the topic "Towords a Methodic Optimism". Inter alia with somethingfantastic (Berlin), falaatelier (Porto) und Gramazion Kohler Research (Zürich).
Wednesdays, 6:00 pm
Egon Eiermann
Buildung 20.40

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Partzipativer Workshop

Mach' mit bei der Umsetzung des Entwurfes „Concrete Colour Jungle“ von Jannis Bruns für den Passagenhof, Karlsruhe (vor dem Unikat)

04.06.2016, 12 bis 18 Uhr

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Book launch with Jelca Kollatsch

Jenseits der Kastagnetten-Klänge - Vom Widerstand gegen die Auswirkungen der Krise
Tues., 07.06.2016, 5:00 pm
Library of the faculty 
Englerstraße 7
Building 20.40

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Icons im ASF
Icons in the ASF

Exhibition with furniture prototypes until the 11 june 2016 in the display window of the Architekturschaufester in Karlsruhe.

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Info event for Bachelor students

To the winter semester 2016/17 the bachelor’s program in architecture will be reformed.
By this event the students will find out what will change and how it can effect their studies.
Mo., 23.05.2016, 5.30 pm
Fritz-Haller-Lecture room 

Don't forget!

Register for your exams this semester until the 31.05.2016.

Master Theses Winter 2015/16

From now on all graduates have the opportunity to publish their thesis on the website of the faculty.

Find the first issue here
Update Wolfach
Update Wolfach - Sommeruni

The departments of regional planning and building in rural areas are hosting a international interdisciplinary summerschool in Wolfach-Kirnbach.


21.7 – 30.7.2016

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NEW: The facebook group of the faculty is the open facebook group of the department of architecture in karlsruhe. The group provides informations and news around the faculty. Feel free to join and spread the news!


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