The Professur Raum und Entwerfen is lauching a new biannual zine: R+EVUE. The theme of issue#1 is "THE B-SIDE".

For the modern natural sciences, Gaston Bachelard coined the term phenomenotechnique. It describes the need for researchers to first create the conditions under which the objects of investigation could be found. Thus they learn from what they create. We developed the web archive www.architecturalreferences.online which operates in the same way. It allows the user to virtually rotate physical models three-dimensionally to reveal an otherwise unknown object of investigation: the back side of architecture.
As a result, we studied the backs of a few famous buildings. What we found is the B-side of architecture. Liberated from the front’s representative obligations, the B-side is an ambiguous space of programmatic, representative, contextual or even ideological experimentation. We represent our discoveries through a series of analytical and experimental drawings.

"R+EVUE" was initiated by Marc Frohn. The Issue#1 "THE B-SIDE" was developed by Marc Frohn, Federico Perugini, Adrianne Wilson Wootton and Marco Zelli. Graphic design by strobo B M.
The development of R+VUE has only been possible through the ongoing support of the entire team at the chair R+E: Florian Bengert, Lea Eisele, Irene Gazzillo, Tim Panzer, Mario Rolli, Lea Wagner, David Wasel.
The drawings were produced by the students of the B-Side seminar in the SS2020: Tim Eric Eggers, Natalie Grothe, Daniel Louis Lythgoe, Felix Mielich, Hélène Nossent, Oana Emma Popescu, Kim Janina Wiltschko.