Architectural Biases


In 2016 R+E initiated R+EFERENCE ARCHIVE, a continuously growing database of built architectural references intended as a support for research and teaching. The archive, based on student work, shows a collection of buildings through model photos that can be navigated three-dimensionally as well as plan sets for download. The selection of the reference projects reflects personal interests of the R+E team.

Our exhibition "Architectural Biases" is a reflection upon the project choices that the online archive embodies. What does the selection of references reveal in terms of our personal architectural biases as well as in relation to the biases of architectural education at large?

The exhibition will be (re-)arranged on a weekly basis following four strategic readings: chronology, geography, typology and gender. Each reading helps to unearth certain architectural biases.

R+EFERENCE ARCHIVE was initiated by Marc Frohn. It was developed by Marc Frohn and Tim Panzer and is currently headed by Irene Gazzillo. 
Special thanks for their ongoing support of the project go to Manfred Neubig at the model shop, Gabriele Seipel and the team from the school's library, and Bernd Seeland for his initial input and support with the model photography. 
The development of R+EFERENCE ARCHIVE has only been possible through the ongoing support of the entire team at the chair R+E: Federico Perugini, David Wasel, Lea Eisele, León Hülsenbeck, Julius Spinner, Marco Zelli, Florian Bengert, Adrianne Wilson Wootton, Lisa Behringer, Fabrizio Canessa, Luca Diefenbacher and Moana Ühlein.
The models exhibited in “Architectural Biases” were built by students between 2016 and 2021.

Building 20.40
, Foyer, 1. Floor
23.05. till 19.06.2022

Finnissage and Zine Launch
15.06., 18:00 Uhr
Grüne Grotte