Colloquium on architectural history

Lecture series of the Department of Architectural History

Lectures in winter semester 2017/18

Thu 30.11.2017, 5:30 pm
"Per Greco's Operarios" The Bartholomew Chapel in Paderborn and its Byzantine model
Prof. Dr. Johann Josef Böker, Karlsruhe

Thu 14.12.2017, 17:30 hrs.
DACHBODENFUND! The rediscovery of the Ulm Mount of Olives by Matthäus Böblinger
Dr.-Ing. Anne Christine Brehm, Karlsruhe

Thu 18.1.2018, 17:30 hrs.
Erwin von Steinbach on the 700th anniversary of his death
Prof. Dr. Marc Carel Schurr, Strasbourg

Thu 25.1.2018, 17:30 hrs.
The 'East Prussia Plan' 1932-1934. Aspects of the scientific study
of the model project for early regional planning and industrialization at the transition
from the Weimar Republic to National Socialist Germany.

A report from ongoing research
Dr.-Ing. Ulrike Gawlik, Karlsruhe

Thu 8.2.2018, 17:30 hrs.
St. John's Church in Worms and the buildings of the cathedral immunity
Dr.-Ing. Julian Hanschke, Karlsruhe

Lectures in the summer semester 2016

Thu 02.06.2016, 17:30 hrs
Renaissance conceptions of the ancient seat of government in Rome
Prof. Dr. Hubertus Günther, Munich

Thu 30.06.2016, 17:30 hrs
Gothic Network. Insights into ongoing research
Dr.-Ing. Anne Christine Brehm, Karlsruhe

Thu 14.07.2016, 17:30 hrs.
Madern Gerthener and the question of authorship of the Frankfurt cathedral tower plans
Prof. Dr. Johann Josef Böker, Karlsruhe

Lectures in winter semester 2015/16

Thu 21.01.2016, 17:30 hrs
Concrete and the beginnings of the prefabricated house
PD Dr. Ferdinand Werner, Worms

Thu 28.01.2016, 5:30 pm
Weinbrenner's Architectural Textbook: Reconstruction and Actuality
Book presentation Volume 7 of the series "Friedrich Weinbrenner and the Weinbrenner School".
PD Dr. Maximilian Schumann, Karlsruhe

Thu 11.02.2016, 17:30 hrs.
Hanover and English Palladianism
Prof. Dr. Johann Josef Böker, Karlsruhe

Summer semester 2015

Thu., 7.5.2015, 5:30 p.m.
Dr.-Ing. Markus T. Huber, Munich

Thurs., 11.06.2015, 5:30 p.m.
On the beginnings of Renaissance architecture in the Rhineland
Prof. Dr. Udo Mainzer, Bonn

Wed, 8.07.2015, 6:00 pm
Between Expression and Beauty. On the aesthetics of the face in Renaissance portraits
Prof. Dr. Norbert Schneider (Karlsruhe)