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Holdings of the Department of Architecture Library (FBA)
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Here you will also find the holdings of the "Bibliothek Werner Sewing", which can be viewed but not borrowed.

Holdings of the Library of the Chair of History of Building and Architecture

Search in the holdings of the library of the Chair of Construction and Architectural History

Holdings of the KIT Library:
  • KIT-Catalog Classic
    Here you will find all media that are available in print or electronically at the KIT Library locations (more than 1.2 million media).
  • KIT-Catalogue Plus
    The KIT Catalog Plus is an extension of the KIT Catalog Classic. It contains additionally more than 100 million media, mainly articles. It also contains the publications of KIT scientists (KITopen repository).
  • KITopen-Catalogue
    The catalogue of the KITopen repository contains the publications (books, articles, lectures etc.) of KIT scientists. For some of the publications, you will find not only bibliographic information but also the freely accessible full text.
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    Thematic search for media in the holdings of the KIT library.
    You can find media relating to the subject area of architecture here.
Regional and supraregional library holdings
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