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Jahrbuch 2023
The new yearbook!

374 pages of teaching, research, and department life.

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The History of the department dates back to the founding of the University of Karlsruhe in 1825. The tradition of the Karlsruhe department of Architecture includes numerous well-known names: from Friedrich Weinbrenner and Johann Gottfried Tulla to Heinrich Hübsch and personalities such as Egon Eiermann, Fritz Haller and Dieter Kienast. Today, 22 professors and a broad-based teaching staff guarantee practice-oriented and contemporary teaching for the approximately 1,000 students. The chairs are organized in four institutes: Design, Art and Theory, Design and Building Technology, Design of City and Landscape , and History of Art and Building. They offer a broad range of teaching with the possibility of setting one's own focal points. An international guest professorship expands the teaching offer every winter semester.

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Selected master theses summer term 2023

Selected master theses from the 2023 summer term are now published on

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Prix Universitaire franco-allemand Grand Est 2024

Léana Beyreuther, Carla-Marie Alvarez and Coraline Naturel, all three students of the Franco-German double master's degree in "Building in an International Context", receive awards.

Faculty Talk: Dijana Vučinić

In the "Faculty Talks" series, Prof. Simon Hartmann (Construction Planning) talks to Dijana Vučinić, visiting professor of the Wüstenrot Stiftung in the summer semester 2023.
Wed., 07.02.2024, 19:00, Green Grotto

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DörstelmannRiccardo Prevete, KIT
State Teaching Prize 2023 for tenure-track professor Moritz Dörstelmann

The Baden-Württemberg Ministry of Science, Research and the Arts has awarded the scientist the 2023 State Teaching Prize for his concept, which combines digital design methods with application-oriented demonstration projects using renewable materials.

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Coded ObjectsNick Roericht
Coded Objects

Dr. Anna-Maria Meister, Professor of Architectural Theory, is starting a new Lise-Meitner group at the Institute of Art History in Florence.
The kick-off event will take place on 24.01.24.

dirk hebel und eltonzdf
Dirk trifft Elton

Dirk Hebel, Professor für Nachhaltiges Bauen, stellte in der ZDF-Kindersendung „Quizzen und Wissen mit Elton“ das Forschungsprojekt „Bauen mit Pilzen“ vor. Ab 15:51 min.

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Gender Equity
Gender equity

The KIT Department of Architecture has awarded teaching assignments for gender studies in architecture or art history starting in the winter semester 2021/22. The project aimed to introduce questions of gender construction into teaching at Master's level.

Zur Dokumentation
The Karlsruhe Architecture Lectures

Every semester, architects give an insight into their work as part of a series of public lectures.

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SAAI - Archive for Architecture and Civil Engineering

The Southwest German Archive for Architecture and Civil Engineering is one of the most important institutions of its kind in Germany.



A LABORATORY OF TRANSFORMATION In Conversation: Felipe de Ferrari (Plan Comun) and Sebastian Kofink

A LABORATORY OF TRANSFORMATION In Conversation: Felipe de Ferrari (Plan Comun) and Sebastian Kofink

2024-02-21KIT-Fakultät für Architektur Zeichensaal R 204, Building 20.40 Englerstraße 7 76131 Karlsruhe
In Conversation is an open discussion between two young architects - Felipe de Ferrari (Plan Comun) and Sebastian Kofink on the topic of Transformation in Architecture. Guest are welcome to join the discussion.
Felipe De Ferrari (1983) is a co-founder & partner of Plan Comun.
Architect graduated from Universidad Católica de Chile in 2010. Co-editor of 'CMNcasos', a digital and printed publication by Chilean National Heritage Council, between 2011 and 2013. Co-founder of OnArchitecture, an online audiovisual on architecture and the built environment in 2012.
He teached at PUC Architecture School (2014-2018) and at Universidad Mayor (2017). Coordinator of PUC Architecture School Public Program (2017-2018) and co-curator of Conference Program 2020-2022 by Lisbon Architecture Trienal and Garagem Sul | Exposições de Arquitetura, do Centro Cultural de Belém (CCB). Teaching at MARQ UC since 2020.

Sebastian Kofink (1984) is a co-founder & partner of Buero Kofink Schels.
He did an apprenticeship as a carpenter. Studied interior Design and architecture in Rosenheim, Praha and Liechtenstein. Has been working with Studio Carsten Nicolai Berlin, Martin Buehler Zuerich, Finsterwalderarchitekten in Rome, Roger Bundschuh Berlin and Regional Associates in Uganda. Was assisting at the Chair for Architectural Design and Conception from 2012 to 2014 at the TU Munich. Since 2015 assisting at the Chair for Architectural Design and Construction at the TU Munich. Foerderpreis für Architektur der Landeshauptstadt München, 2016.
Wednesday 21/02, 3.30pm (Karlsruhe)
Zeichensaal R204, Building 20.40
or online:

Eine Veranstaltung der Gastprofessur Bauen im Bestand
Professor Alessandro Gess
Assistentin Andela Brašanac

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