Doctoral Convent

About Doctoral Convent
Staring 1. April 2014, and according to the “Drittes Hochschulrechtsänderungsgesetz”, a convent of doctorate candidates has been introduced in the new version of “Landeshochschulgesetzes (LHG) Baden-Württemberg”. The doctoral convent includes all the doctorate candidates who are registered at the Architectural Faculty of Karlsruhe Institute of Technology (KIT).
On 29. April 2015 the board of the doctoral convent was elected for the first time. It consists of 3 members, who shall officiate for two years.


The Board of Doctoral Covent
Spokesperson: Ms. Marwa Al-Dabooni, M.Sc.
First deputy: Sebastian Ebertshäuser, Dipl.-Ing.
Second deputy: Ms. Mahsa Bagheri, M.Sc.


Tasks and Objectives
The doctoral convent is not only considered as a point of reference for the doctorate candidates at the Architectural Faculty of Karlsruhe Institute of Technology (KIT), but it is as well linking up all doctorate candidates from different departments together.
The tasks of doctoral convent, as a junction between the Architectural Faculty Committee and the doctorate candidates, are mainly to put forward/implement the interests/requirements of the doctorate candidates.


Twice a year, there will be a meeting with all the doctorate candidates of the Architectural Faculty. These meetings will take place at the start of each summer and winter semester.


For any inquiries or questions, please contact the board of doctoral convent through the following e-mail: doktorandenkonvent∂

* If you are interested to be an active member within this board, you are more than welcome to apply for it!


Statute of the Doctoral Convent