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Studying at the KIT Department of Architecture

Students at the Department of Architecture acquire knowledge and skills that enable them to play a significant role in shaping people's living space: Buildings for living, working and recreation, interiors, city districts and entire settlement areas are the result of this planning and design. As architects, you should contribute to creating the conditions for optimum environmental quality, for living and working conditions that offer society a wide range of opportunities for development. This requires an education that imparts the technical possibilities, the knowledge of economic efficiency and, above all, the design of a world to be shaped and that comprehensively prepares you for the constantly changing requirements of your profession. A strengthening of practice and research together with the utilisation of the findings within teaching guarantees just such an education.

Prospective students

We will show you around the department, answer questions about applications and admissions, and introduce you to the department advising services.

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Study programs

Bachelor and Master of Architecture, Bachelor and Master of Art History, German-French double master "Building and Planning in an International Context".

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