Recognition of achievements within and outside the higher education system

The recognition of study and examination achievements is regulated in §18 or §19 of the study and examination regulations.


The application for recognition of achievements from a previous course of study or from outside the university system must be submitted within the first semester after enrolment. If you are returning from abroad, we recommend that you submit your application as soon as possible.

In order to have achievements from another degree programme/country or relevant vocational training recognised, you need a "Transcript of Records" with the listed achievements, the grading (in the case of non-graded achievements with "passed") and the corresponding number of credit points.

If the performances were graded, the grades are converted, ungraded performances are entered as passed.

Recognition procedure:

  1. Deal with your study schedule and consider which external performance you would like to have recognized for which performance at KIT.
  2. Compare the module descriptions and the scope of services: if the differences are too big, recognition is rather unlikely.
  3. If you are unsure, make an appointment with the student advisory service (doris kern does-not-exist.kit edu). Please bring the Transcript of Records and your reflections to this appointment.
  4. Complete a recognition form for each external service. (Log-in with KIT account is required for download).
  5. After sending the form, print it out and make an appointment with the person responsible for the module in which you would like to have the achievement recognized or with the examiner who is to assess the achievement.
  6. Bring the printed form, your transcript of records, the description and objects (plans, homework etc.) of the external performance to the appointment with the examiner.
  7. On the basis of the documents brought along, the examiner will assess whether the performance is equivalent to the performance required at KIT.
  8. The recommendation of the examiner (recognition yes/no) is entered in the form and the form is forwarded by the department to the examination board.
  9. Please make sure that all forms are available to the examination board promptly; the examination board meets once a month during the lecture period.
  10. The examination board decides on the recognition of the performance, converts the grade and ensures the entry in the system.