Facilities of the Department

Fakultätsbibliothek arch.kit.edu
Subject Library Archi­tecture

The library of the KIT Department of Architecture has about 22,000 volumes, including about 3,700 journal volumes.

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Material Library

The material library has an extensive collection of material samples.

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Fotowerkstatt arch.kit.edu
Photo­graphy Study Workshop

The Central Photo Workshop is primarily an open workshop for the institutes and students of the Department of Architecture.

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Modellbauwerkstatt arch.kit.edu
Model Making Study Workshop

The model is an important design tool and helps to grasp and understand space and also to design space.

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Holzwerkstatt arch.kit.edu
Wood Study Workshop

In the wood workshop, the connection between design, materiality and detailed design is taught.

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Metallwerkstatt arch.kit.edu
Metal Study Workshop

In addition to the classical metal processing, computer-aided production of models is also possible here.

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Digitalwerkstatt arch.kit.edu
Digital Study Workshop

The digital workshop offers know-how and equipment for digital model making such as laser cutters and 3D printers.

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ArchIT arch.kit.edu
IT Management

archIT is responsible for the support of the IT facilities of the department such as computer pools.

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Plotpool arch.kit.edu

Large format prints and scans can be made around the clock at the department plot pool.

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Artificial Sky

The Artificial Sky a simulation tool for daylight in architectural models. Different sky conditions can be realistically simulated for any location and time.

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