Dissertations in progress


Mrs. Susanne Gerstberger
Working title: Biosphere + City
Supervisor: Prof. Henri Bava

Mr. Michael Kleber
Working title: "Studies on user comfort under warm and humid indoor conditions"
Supervisor: Prof. Andreas Wagner


Mr. Seyed Mohammad Hooshmad
Working title: "Investigation of the Effect of Radiant Heat Flux on Thermal Sensation and Thermal Comfort".
Supervisor: Prof. Andreas Wagner

Mr. Kay Simon Sanvito
Working title: "Digital fabrication of mycelium-based alternative construction materials".
Supervisor: Prof. Dirk Hebel

Ms. Stephanie Schüssele
Working title: "Computer games as works of art".
Supervisor: Prof. Martin Papenbrock


Mr. Maurice Nitsche
Working title: "Infra x Typos - The Emergence of Architectural and Urban Typologies through New Forms of of mobility and their infrastructure".
Supervisor: Prof. Ludwig Wappner

Ms. Conny Hansel
Working title: "More Space for Time - How and to what extent can the spatial planner make use of an extended concept of time and contribute to an urban planning that is appropriate to space and time?"
Supervisor: Prof. Markus Neppl


Ms. Carina Lübben
Working title: "The Concept of Magic in the Works of François Boucher. Images between Enlightenment and Rococo."
Supervisor: Prof. Oliver Jehle

Ms. Anna Keitemeier
Working title: "Architectural Boundaries and Thresholds as a Negotiation of Access and Control in Public Space. Space. A study of contemporary urban parks in France and Germany."
Supervisor: Prof. Henri Bava

Mr. Arturo Romero Carnicero
Working title: "Metropolitan borderscapes."
Supervisor: Prof. Henri Bava


Mr. Stefan Riekeles
Working title: "Pictorial spaces and their construction in Japanese anime films".
Supervisor: Prof. Inge Hinterwaldner

Ms. Daniela Schneider
Working title: "Influence of joining techniques on raw material values and recycling of buildings".
Supervisor: Prof. Dirk Hebel

Ms. Nora Bergbreiter
Working title: "Electric waste as a material in art".
Supervisor: Prof. Inge Hinterwaldner

Mrs. Sandra Böhm
Working title: "The potential of biogenic by-products as raw materials for the production of building materials".
Supervisor: Prof. Dirk Hebel

Ms. Tamara Kessel
Working title: "Autism-friendly accessibility planning and building - Inclusive school environments for people with Autism"
Supervisor: Prof. Riklef Rambow

Ms. Veronika Hirth
Working title: "New Materialism. The ecological avant-garde and the art of the Pre-Raphaelites".
Supervisor: Prof. Oliver Jehle

Mr. Daniel Lauterkorn
Working title: "Development of a parametric-associative modeling approach for the automated construction of of spatial frameworks in the context of historical timber structures".
Supervisor: Prof. Matthias Pfeifer


Mr. Iman Baratvakili
Working title: "Exploring the strategies in transportation infrastructure through urban design to prevent cyberattack: A case study in Berlin"
Supervisor: Prof. Barbara Engel

Mr. Hee Jae Lee
Working title: "Korean Models of Micro-living and Urban Sharing Space: A Potential of Housing Promotion for Low-income and Single-person Households in Seoul, South Korea". 
Supervisor: Prof. Barbara Engel

Mr. Gregor Jonas Brundke
Working title: "YouTube as an archive of architectural references".
Supervisor: Prof. Riklef Rambow

Ms. Hannah Knoop
Working title: "Supranational Architectures
Supervisor: Prof. Georg Vrachliotis


Ms. Maria Paula Alfonso
Working title: "Development of a Data Model to describe faults in the operation of building services using a BIM approch"
Supervisor: Prof. Petra von Both

Ms. Juha Lee
Working title: "Biological Robotism and Nam June Paik".
Supervisor: Prof. Inge Hinterwaldner

Mr. Andreas Rauland
Working title: "Chances and risks for the urban development of the cities on the river by a touristic development of the river cruise".
Supervisor: Prof. Markus Neppl

Mrs. Judith Rehermann
Working title: "Hans Baldung Grien:Lot and his daughters, around 1535/40".
Supervisor: Prof. Oliver Jehle


Ms. Hale Tugcin Kirant
Working title: "Analysis of the Dominant Radiation Effect on Thermal Sensation and Thermal Comfort"
Supervisor: Prof. Andreas Wagner

Ms. Camila Chagas Anchieta Grassi
Working title: "Algorithm to simulate occupant behavior in mixed-mode office buildings".
Supervisor: PD Marcel Schweiker

Ms. Tahereh Mallahnia
Working title: "Modelling of BDP based on C2C".
Supervisor: Prof. Petra von Both


Ms. Marion Kohl
Working title: "The stock exchange as a pictorial motif in Dutch architectural painting of the 17th century, taking into account the economic and social historical context".
Supervisor: Prof. Martin Papenbrock

Ms. Barbara Zak
Working title: Perception and evaluation of contemporary architecture by architects and non-architects and their influence by communication
Supervisor: Prof. Riklef Rambow

Mr. Jean Zino
Working title: Reclaiming the potentials of streets through imagining a new urban mobility paradigm in Beirut
Supervisor: Prof. Barbara Engel

Mr. Qixin Li
Working title: "Research on new rural regionally appropriate design in Shandong Province in the context of China's rural revitalization strategy."
Supervisor: Prof. Barbara Engel

Ms. Mai Ahmed
Working title: Places Identification in Cyberspace
Supervisor: Prof. Markus Neppl

Mr. Jin Chen
Working title: Typological Research of Industrial Building
Supervisor: Prof. Walter Nägeli

Mr. André Freise
Working title: "Friedrich Weinbrenner - Urban Planning and Building Design“
Supervisor: Prof. Walter Nägeli


Ms. Romina Paula Rissetto
Working title: "Assessment of individual occupants' expectations in office buildings and its impact on the use of personalized comfort systems"
Supervisor: PD Dr. Marcel Schweiker

Mr. Roman Schallon
Working title: "città di fondazione" - urban & architectural structures and typologies in Italy in the "Ventennio nero" impact, aftermath - presence
Supervisor: Prof. Ludwig Wappner

Ms. Tabea Obergfell
Working title: "Long-term stability of phase change materials in building applications and their benefits -.Do they deliver what their manufacturers promise?
Supervisor: Prof. Andreas Wagner

Mr. Nikolas Rogge
Working title: "Transformation and identity of public spaces in East German large housing estates".
Supervisor: Prof. Barbara Engel

Ms. Masha Bagheri
Working title: Facts and myths of a green utopia:
Examining the social sustainability in German garden cities, Karlsruhe as case study
Supervisor: Prof. Joaquin Medina-Warmburg


Ms. Niku Khaleghi
Working title: "PhD Proposal Assessing Urban Public Life to Create Liveable Public Spaces. Case Study: Historic Core of Tehran
Supervisor: Prof. Barbara Engel


Mr. Max Haug
Working Title: "Agility in Urban Development - How Agile are German Cities Prepared for the Challenges of the future?"
Supervisor: Prof. Markus Neppl


Mr. Steffen Becker
Working title: "What is a neighborhood? The neighborhood as a spatial unit in the planning level".
Supervisor: Prof. Markus Neppl

Ms. Anica Nießner
Working title: "Graffiti and inscriptions in Dutch church interiors of the 17th century (art history)".
Supervisor: Prof. Martin Papenbrock

Mrs. Annika Nasz
Working title: "Images of excessive cruelty? Slave representation between suffering and pity".
Supervisor: Prof. Oliver Jehle


Ms. Maria Deeb
Working title: "Kontantin Melnikov Architect"
Supervisor: Prof. Joaquin Medina Warmburg


Ms. Michaela Mansuroglu
Working title: "Hermeneutics and reception aesthetics"
Supervisor: Prof. Martin Papenbrock