All student computer rooms of the Department of Architecture as well as the servers and services linked to them are subsumed under the term "computer pool". To simplify communication, colours are assigned to the individual pools; the following computer pools are currently available:


  • Building 11.40, Room 104
  • 16 x PC with Windows
  • Multifunctional device (printer, scanner, copier; A4 & A3; b/w & colour) integrated as "Haller" via ArchiPlotPool


  • Building 11.40, Room 004
  • 16 x PC with Windows
  • A4 scanner


  • virtual pool: computers in different rooms (limited access) and for different purposes
  • Department library: 2 x PC with Windows and A4 book scanner each
  • Metal workshop: 1 x PC with Windows (milling software)
  • archIT: 1 x PC with Windows

Please also note the current IT news.


Not every software can be kept in every computer room for licensing and financial reasons. The software overview for the computer rooms of the Department of Architecture provides clarity (Note: the display is limited to the KIT intranet).


The computer rooms are exclusively available to members of the Department of Architecture. In addition to the study courses of architecture (Bachelor and Master), the Master study course Old Building Restoration as well as the study course History of Art are included.

Access to the rooms is possible at any time with a valid KITCard. As long as the correct "department" is set in the central access control system when the cards are issued (KIT library or study office), access should work automatically. Unfortunately, this is often forgotten, so that a manual post-processing becomes necessary. For this purpose, please come to archIT in person.

The access to the computers is realized via the KIT-accounts for the students (username starting with "u").

Rules of use

  • Do not leave working materials and garbage lying around. Trash cans are available in every room.
  • Drinking and eating is not allowed in the computer rooms.
  • Locking of workstations is tolerated for a maximum of 15 minutes, e.g. to go to the toilet.
  • No unauthorized installation of software! Normally this does not work anyway. If important programs are missing, please send a mail to the support addresses (see above) or directly to rechnerpool∂
  • The work on student projects has absolute priority over private things.
  • In case of violations we reserve the right to temporarily block single accounts or even the whole pool.
  • Please do not respond to knocks. The access authorization has to be done exclusively via an unlocked KITCard (see above).

Data security

No guarantee can be given for data on the computers (e.g. in case of a hard disk crash). Therefore, in your own interest, save your data on the home directory of the SCC (see below) or additionally on a USB storage medium (stick or disk).

If possible, do not save locally on the computers and if so, only during the session in the "temp" folder on drive "C". Individual computers are completely reinstalled without warning in the event of malfunctions.

Please do not forget to log off from the computer.Attention: after 2 hours of absolute inactivity (neither mouse movement nor keyboard input) an automatic logoff takes place after a 15-minute warning phase!


In case of malfunctions, questions or problems please send an email to the administrators (see also notices at the pool doors or computer labels) or directly to rechnerpool∂

It is important to include the computer name (see sticker on each computer) as well as the user name of the KIT account. Problems can be caused by computer-specific or account-specific reasons (memory limitation!).

Please describe the problem as precisely as possible (attach error message or screenshot if possible). Please also test whether the malfunction also occurs on other devices.


  • Central file and print server for ComputerPool
  • Each user has his personal Windows profile here (roaming profile within RechnerPool, limited to 500 MByte).

Home directory at SCC

By default, each user's home directory is mounted on the SCC of the KIT student account (network drive U:, limited to 1024 MByte).

The user profile directories 'Desktop', 'Downloads', 'Pictures', 'Documents', 'Music' and 'Videos' are redirected to it, so that the user data should be stored directly at the SCC.