Research Projects of the Professorships and Subject Areas

Research at the Department

for Architectural Design, Art und Theory


for Building Design and Technology


  • Professorship Building Construction
  • Professorship Building Lifecycle Management
    The research focus of the professorship is the development and application of methods and tools for the realisation of an integrated Building Lifecycle Management. An important starting point is the networking of technology-oriented and methodological approaches.
  • Professorship Supporting Structures
  • Master Restoration of Old Buildings
  • Professorship Building Technology
    The professorship supports research and development projects that are directly related to construction and therefore works closely with business partners. The focus of the research is on the exact and realistic recording of material properties with regard to load-bearing capacity and serviceability, as well as on the joining and processing of materials into components.
  • Professorship Building Physics and Technical Finishing
    The professorship works on the following research topics:
    - Monitoring and performance analysis of buildings
    - Integral building and energy concepts, simulation-based system optimisation
    - User satisfaction at workplaces
    - Comfort and user behaviour under transient conditions
  • Professorship Sustainable Building
    The Professorship of Sustainable Construction is conducting research in the field of circular construction and was able to build several demonstrator buildings applying new findings, methods and principles of construction.

for Urban and Landscape Design


for History of Art and Architecture