The Department Management centrally manages positions, rooms, material and investment funds for the Department.
It organizes studies and examinations and is responsible for teaching support as well as computer-aided administrative processes, the study workshops and the department and material library.

Furthermore, it is responsible for the international coordination and the maintenance of international contacts of the KIT Department of Architecture as well as for public relations.

The main tasks of the management are:

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Personnel and economic affairs
  • Central personnel administration of the department
  • Appointment matters
  • Central financial administration of the department
  • Budget management
  • Central Procurement
  • Asset Accounting
Study and examination matters
  • - Study coordination
    - Subject-related study counselling
    - Accreditation and re-accreditation support for study programmes
    - Department Examination Office
Study workshops
  • Coordination of the workshop courses
  • Further development of the workshop infrastructure
Computer-aided administrative processes
  • Support of the administrative processes of teaching and studies
  • Support of the systems of the management, the dean's office and the department and material library, computer pools and the plot pool
Building and room administration
  • Room planning and room administration of the department (reservation of lecture halls and seminar rooms)
  • Administration of the locking systems
  • Equipment of teaching rooms
  • Administrative supervision of construction measures
  • Relief office for students in the case of exmatriculation and for staff leaving the department
Coordination abroad
  • - Coordination of students' stays abroad
    - Strategic development of the department's international contacts
Public relations
  • Implementation of internal and external communication measures
  • Strategic further development
  • Creation of information and advertising materials
  • Maintenance of the website and the social media offers of the department
  • Planning, supervision and implementation of public events