Karlsruhe Architecture Lectures


The Karlsruhe Architecture Lectures in the winter semester 2023/24

Contacts can be dangerous. We have learnt that during the pandemic. But contacts are also essential for developing social entities, for constituting knowledge communities and for acting in a societally responsible manner. Compared to the systemically complex idea of networking, personal contact seems almost touchingly anachronistic. Nevertheless, its directness is also powerful and satisfying. In the post-pandemic period, the KIT Department of Architecture has deliberately increased the number of contacts both externally and internally. This is impressively documented in the recently published Yearbook 2023. This year's lecture series follows on from this. We have invited six personalities with whom we want to get into contact in order to be "infected": by ideas and positions that are themselves in contact with relevant realities and that establish contacts between inside and outside, nature and city, between concepts and realities, places and contexts.

Wed., 22.11.23, 19:00 h
Florian Kaiser
Atelier Kaiser Shen, Stuttgart/D

Wed., 06.12.23, 19:00 h
Lauren Dierickx
LDSRa, Ghent/BE

Wed., 13.12.23, 19:00 h
Frédéric Chartier
ChartierDalix, Paris/F

Wed., 20.12.23, 19:00 h
Alessandro Gess
l'AUC, Paris/F

Wed., 10.01.24, 19:00 h
Sebastian Lippok and Renate Walter
WALDRAP Architects, Zurich/CH

Wed., 17.01.24, 19:00 h
Jörg Finkbeiner
Partner + Partner Architects, Berlin and Baiersbronn-Obertal/D

KIT Department of Architecture
Fritz Haller Lecture Hall
Englerstaße 7
76131 Karlsruhe

Continuing education
The lectures of the event series will be recognized as continuing education by the Baden-Württemberg Chamber of Architects.

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