14th Karlsruhe Conference

The concepts of modernism and current practice
Friday, February 24, 2017 and excursion on February 25, 2017.

"LANDSCAPE - the concepts of modernism and the future of landscape" is this time the topic of the international exchange on particularly significant architecture and urban planning of the 20th century as well as on the current handling of the heritage of modernism. We will discuss concepts of modernism on the one hand and current projects and attitudes on the other hand with the question: "Which strategies offer interesting perspectives for the future?"

"THE MODERN" in Europe created numerous projects with model character, concrete utopias, new scientific disciplines, new modes of production and organization, and it gained influence worldwide.
Our two contributions to this, "Bucharest and the Colentina River Project" and "Rome and Raffaele de Vico and Italian Modernism", are representative of models that had and still have a lasting, timeless character.
What opportunities do the landscape contexts and the open spaces offer together with the development, for example in the Ernst-May-Siedlungen in Frankfurt, in the housing estates, the parks and ensembles in Berlin, the Volksgärten and the garden city concepts of modernism? What advantage will we have in the future from the generous sports and leisure parks in Munich and the conversions of the harbours, for example in Amsterdam and Rotterdam, or the renewal of both banks of the Main in Frankfurt, Museum-ufer, Osthafen and Westhafen as urban redevelopment?
What opportunities and potentials do contemporary ideas and trends in architecture and landscape planning offer? How can ecology as a theme of our post-industrial society be conceived and planned in urban space in the future?

Landscapes, gardens, open spaces are a living cultural asset. They have often grown over generations, are in a constant state of change, and are always experiencing new demands. They are not only a resource, but the elementary core of all environmental qualities, anything but a luxury or an ingredient. They are the actual inalienable basis and necessity, the prerequisite for quality architecture, urban space and living space, for urbanity, for public space, for freedom. That is why the question of currently valid research results and future concepts, strategies is particularly relevant for us here.

As organizers and in the name of all partners, we cordially invite you to meet
Henri Bava and Alex Dill



Friday, February 24, 2017

From 8:15
Reception / Registration / Coffee

Welcome and introduction
Alex Dill / Andrea Jütten

On the future of landscape
Henri Bava (Paris/Karlsruhe)

The activation of landscape
Véronique Faucheur / Marc Pouzol / atelier le balto

Metropolitan Landscapes - Toronto, Madrid, Amsterdam
Christoph Elsässer / West 8 (Rotterdam)
11.15 Coffee break in the foyer

Munich - modern and sustainable concepts
Regine Keller (Munich)

Post-war green to post-modern - garden conservation in Berlin
Leonie Glabau / Klaus Lingenauber (Berlin)

13.00 Lunch break / Buffet in the foyer

Characters and potentials of landscape - in search of new methods, tools and future standards
Pia Fricker (Zurich/ Helsinki)

Rome and Raffaele De Vico and Italian Modernism
Ulrike Gawlik (Rome / Karlsruhe)

15.10 Coffee break in the foyer

Bucharest and the Colentina River Project
Ellen Fetzer (Tübingen)

Bucaresti, Master Plan - Strategies for a future urban area
Tiberiu Florescu (Bucharest)

Panel discussion
Moderation: Matthias Böttger / DAZ - Berlin

17.30 END (Conclusion with Baden wine and pretzels)

Conference languages: German and English

Saturday, February 25, 2017

docomomo Annual General Meeting

9:00 – 12:00
General Meeting 2017 of docomomo Deutschland e.V. in the Department of Architecture, Building 20.40, Room 136

Excursion Frankfurt

Mainufer / Hafen-Park / Ost-Hafen / EZB-Gelände / Ostpark / Ernst May-Siedlung Bornheimer Hang / Westhafen / Museumsufer

Bus transfer to Frankfurt a. M. to the Osthafen area on the banks of the Main south of the ECB.

Meeting point: Café Oosten / Mayfarthstraße 4, 60314 Frankfurt/Main

Bus transfer to the Ernst-May-Siedlung:
Guided tour of the Ernst-May-Siedlung Bornheimer Hang, including a visit to the school.

Bus tour to the open spaces Ostpark and Hafenpark, Mainufer Osthafen, EZB former wholesale market hall, Schwedler Steg.

approx. 3 p.m.
Coffee break

Transfer to the Westhafen tour on the topics of ecology / urban development / preservation of historical monuments.

End of the tour:
Museumsuferpromenade / Frankfurt - a city on the water.

7 pm
Expected end of the excursion in Frankfurt a. M.;
Departure of the bus to Karlsruhe

The recognition of the events as further training to the extent of four hours for the conference and two hours for the excursion has been applied for. The applications have been submitted to the
AKBW for examination and approval.


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Other partners:

- Le:Notre Institute
- docomomo - Germany e. V.
- Ion Mincu / University / Bucharest
- Feco / Paul Feederle GmbH
- German Werkbund Baden-Württemberg
- Association of German Architects (BDA), Karlsruhe district group
- Chamber of Architects Baden-Württemberg, Karlsruhe Chamber Group
- State Office for the Preservation of Historical Monuments Hesse
- Ernst May Society
- City of Frankfurt

Past meetings

13th Karlsruhe Conference on Modernist Architecture

HOUSING and the Architecture of Modernism (25 and 26 February 2016)