Department of Architecture Symposium on sustainable construction.

from breeding, cultivation, seeding, and harvesting of biological building materials

04. December 2020 / 9:00 a.m. - 6:45 p.m.

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The symposium presents pioneers of a future building industry and their visions, ideas, future-oriented research projects and first examples of application of bio-based building materials. The symposium offers the opportunity for joint discussion and exchange on this rapidly developing field of architecture.

Whether in the form of residual or waste materials from soil-bound agriculture or from other types of cultivation - for example in the form of bacteria or fungi - biological resources are available in manifold and basically unlimited ways. As tempting as this prospect may be, the aim of the construction industry must be to use these materials in pure form in constructions without destroying natural cycles. Only in this way they can be returned to the biological cycle as a valuable source of raw materials after their utilisation phase and represent an antipole to the currently practised throw-away mentality of inseparable mixed waste. Not only new material concepts but also new (deconstruction) technologies play a decisive role. The construction industry must offer ecologically valuable and biologically safe solutions for socially relevant
issues in the future.

Digital fabrication takes traditional materials out of their niche and helps them to reach new heights. Well-known properties of traditional materials such as ceramics or clay are intelligently used in 3D printing, for example.

The symposium is dedicated to the question of how we can use our natural resources responsebly in times of climate change and an increasingly glaring shortage of resources and pollution of our environment by non-biodegradable and artificially manipulated materials.
Representatives of science and economy, research, practitioners, decision-makers of our democratic society as well as teachers and students will come together to discuss the future of construction in lectures and discussions and to actively participate in shaping it. Speakers will be Martin Rauch, Prof. Dr. Marie-Pierre Laborie, Dr. Henk Jonkers, Dr. Alireza Javadian, Werner Schmidt, Prof. Eike Roswag-Klinge, Andrea Klinge, Natascha Hempel, Jun. Prof. Dr. Hanaa Dahy, Diana Drewes and Dr. Michael Sailer.

The symposium will take place as part of a newly conceived innovation platform for sustainability in the construction industry, supported by Wacker Chemie AG. The event on December 04, 2020, is organized by the Professorship of Sustainable Construction of the KIT Faculty of Architecture Karlsruhe and is recognized as a further training course of the Baden-Württemberg Chamber of Architects with 4 hours (Recognition No.: 2020-151695-0001).

The event is being held with the kind support of Wacker Chemie AG.

Professorship of Sustainable Construction
KIT Karlsruhe Institute of Technology

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