FUTURE PLEASURES in times of the Corona crisis

Call for Papers and Pictures to all members of the KIT Department of Architecture

For the discourse section of the Yearbook 2020, under the theme FUTURE PLEASURES, we were looking for contributions on the question of whether, in times of permanent crisis (and by this we meant above all the climate crisis), it can still be a relevant goal for architecture to provide pleasure and joy.(You can find the complete call here.)

Since that call, things have changed yet again in a fundamental way. The Covid 19 pandemic has a firm grip on the world and all of our lives have changed radically from one day to the next. Many formerly honorable pleasures are now considered reckless and irresponsible. Social interaction, the design and promotion of which is an essential movens of architecture and urban planning, has become a risk. Will the current challenges have a lasting impact on architecture and urban planning? Or do we secretly hope that the whole spook will be over in a few months?

We would like to use the Yearbook to discuss these questions as broadly as possible. This is not about scientifically based discussions or fundamental positions. We would like to see spontaneous statements from the perspective of one's own field and one's own reality of life; these may be speculative, daring, pointed and provocative. The topic FUTURE PLEASURES is more topical than ever. We would like to see a multi-faceted picture of how architecture deals with this creatively and spontaneously. Submissions should be between 750 and 3,000 characters including spaces and sent as an unformatted doc document to frank.metzger∂kit.edu by 04/15/2020. Depending on the volume of submissions, three to eight papers may be included in the yearbook.

Separately, we would also like to invite you to send us a photo of your home office workspace as a way of depicting the changing working conditions under which this yearbook and the upcoming semester are being created. Your photo should show something of the atmosphere of your workplace. Staging is possible. People should not be pictured. Photographs received will be printed as a collage of images (without attribution) on one or two double-page spreads in the yearbook.
Send your photo in the highest resolution available to frank.metzger∂kit.edu by April 15, 2020.

We look forward to receiving your contributions.
Stay well.

The yearbook editors