Single-variety construction

New publication by the Chairs of Sustainable Building and Building Construction

Full landfills, ambitious climate targets: The European Union wants to introduce a comprehensive circular economy by 2050. For the turnaround in the construction industry to succeed, material resources must be fully reused and recycled. Pure and low-pollutant building materials that are used in reversible component joints and simply joined together are the basic prerequisite for the circular construction of buildings.

This handbook explains how to plan and build according to the principles of the circular economy. It shows the history and present of circular architecture and analyzes the basics of single-use construction in terms of methodology, materials and construction. Joining and connection techniques are discussed as well as the choice of materials in general and the life cycles of the individual layers and their functions. The extensive detailed catalog with drawings on a scale of 1:20 documents exemplary applications and connections, which are differentiated according to materials.

Dirk E. Hebel, Ludwig Wappner, Katharina Blümke, Steffen Bytomski, Valerio Calavetta, Lisa Häberle, Peter Hoffmann, Paula Holtmann, Hanna Hoss, Daniel Lenz, Falk Schneemann (eds.)
Format: Hardcover - 23 × 30 cm
ISBN: 978-3-95553-613-8

Publication date: September, 2023

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