Studying at KIT

Events and dates:  

Welcome meeting

Every semester, shortly before the start of lectures, an introductory event for all new exchange students takes place at the KIT-Department. During this event, all questions concerning the study program are clarified. For example, you will receive information on course enrollment, projects offered, exam registration, transcript of records, and much more. Another advantage of this event is that you can directly contact other exchange students as well as members of our students’ union. Furthermore, we also provide a tour of the campus and our KIT-Department. Date and location of the welcome meeting will be announced in due time.
Welcome presentation

Presentation of the courses on offer

Approximately one week prior to the start of lectures, the design projects and courses will be presented at the KIT-Department. There you will have the opportunity to obtain comprehensive information and to choose the courses that interest you. Date and place of the presentation will be announced in due time.

Seminar registration

In the days following the presentation of all projects and courses, the registration and allocation of places for these will take place. The exact dates and the schedule will be announced in due time.

Exam registration

Exam registration takes place online from May 1st to 31st for the summer semester and from November 1st to 30th for the winter semester. Without this registration, participation in the course and taking the examination is not possible.

Instructions for exam registration

Examination time period

There is a fixed examination period every semester.

Study program

Module handbook

The module handbook describes the modules belonging to the respective course of studies, the interdependencies of the modules, the learning objectives as well as the method of checking on and controlling your results. The module handbook does not replace the course catalog with the variable course data (lecturers, time and place of the course, allocation of places, etc.)

Course catalog

The course catalog is divided into the individual courses and degrees. On the left side you will find the button "Advanced search for courses" where you can select "English" as your language of choice and the course of study. If you now use the search function, all English-language courses of the program will be displayed.

Learning agreement

For your application to KIT you need a completed learning agreement. Each semester, the KIT-Department of Architecture provides its students with new courses and announces the new course catalog shortly before the start of the semester. Therefore, you can draw up your learning agreement on the basis of the current course catalog at the time of your application and adapt the changes accordingly after your arrival.

Transcript of Records

The Transcript of Records contains all courses including grades and ECTS in which you have successfully participated during your semester abroad. Subjects that were not passed are not listed. While you are enrolled at KIT, you can print out your Transcript of Records yourself at any time from our student portal (Campus Management Portal -> Study Plan). On the Transcript of Records there is a QR Code that confirms the authenticity of the document, so you do not need any further stamps or signatures.

Support provided

Students‘ union

An active students’ union is available to all students with study-supporting information and assistance. It also offers a colorful cultural program throughout the semester.

Buddy program

The KIT-Department of Architecture has an internal Buddy Program for exchange students. Contacts can be established on request even before your arrival in Karlsruhe. Thus, you will have a direct contact person at student level. The Buddy Program does not provide a set structure. It should develop individually between the students and, above all, be fun.

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