Frequently asked questions

Learning agreement:
How do I draw up a learning agreement?

For your application to KIT you need your learning agreement. In it, you must list all events you intend to attend during your stay at KIT. Your home university checks and signs the learning agreement before you send it to KIT with your application. Subsequently, the learning agreement is checked and approved by the KIT-Department of Architecture. Please note that usually the reference "subjects may change" is made, since the actual courses of the corresponding semester are not announced until shortly before the beginning of the semester. After your arrival at KIT, you can adjust your learning agreement accordingly under the item "During the Mobility".

How do I register for exams? 

You must register all of the events that you will attend as exams. You will receive an exam registration guide in due time in advance.

Transcript of records:
I need a transcript of records. How do I get this? 

You can print out your transcript of records at any time from the Campus Management Portal ( It has a QR code which confirms the authenticity of the document.

Language courses:
Where do I find information on language courses at KIT? 

Information on German language courses at KIT is available at the following link:

Online course catalog:
Where do I find the online course catalog?!campus/all/field.asp?gguid=0x10DD939EB8F84C31B2C9B0B0A08F3E76

English language courses:
How do I find English language courses? 

In the online course catalog you will find the button "Advanced search for courses" on the left side. There you can select "English" as the language of choice and the course of study. If you now use the search function, all English language courses of the program will be displayed.

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