The Buddy Program of the FAi

Every year, numerous international students come to our faculty in order to study abroad. To support them during this time, the KIT-Department of Architecture has introduced a buddy program which commenced in the summer semester of 2018.
Students of the KIT-Department who go abroad are encouraged to become buddies. But participation is also open to all others.

Participation in the buddy program offers you the opportunity to deepen your language skills (through language tandems), to gain intercultural experience and - of course - to make new friends.

What is provided includes, above all, help with finding your way around the KIT-Department, support in case of questions that crop up during the semester and common leisure time activities that facilitate the settling in in Karlsruhe. 

The best way to go about it is to start the buddy activity before your own stay abroad commences. Since international students need most help before the beginning of the semester, the buddy activity begins about one month before the semester starts, i.e. at the beginning of September or the beginning of March.

Please register for the buddy program using the following online form. Please attach a printout of the automatic e-mail response you will receive after submitting the form to your application documents for a study abroad program.

Department of Architecture international

International Coordination
Dr. Judith Reeh

Erasmus Office
Silke Marx M.A.

Office of the Dean of Studies
20.40 Room 139
0721 - 608 42155

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