Call for Images for the Yearbook 2022

Architects perceive their environment with a trained eye - always on the lookout for special aesthetic, functional and constructive structural solutions. In this way, collections of images of architectural elements, set pieces, and phenomena are created in everyday life and while traveling, which become a support for one's own design approach and inspiration for future design tasks. The trained eye focuses, it condenses in a detail shot a conceptual approach, a memory or can be a note for a whole building method ...

For the picture essay of the upcoming yearbook we would like to ask you to open your photo archive. Send us your own photographs of architectural elements that you consider particularly successful or that have a special meaning for you.
Please mention for each photo: location, and if known, building and architect.

From the submissions we will select motifs for the picture section of the yearbook.

File formats:
TIFF, PSD or uncompressed JPG with at least 300 dpi / optimally 350 dpi.
Maximum 145 x 218 mm (WxH)

Submission until Monday, March 14, 10 a.m.
to frank.metzger∂

Thank you!