New at the Department: Prof. Dr.-Ing. Riccardo La Magna

Prof. Dr.-Ing. Riccardo La Magna will take over the professorship of structural planning and design in the winter semester 2021/22 (successor Matthias Pfeifer).
Riccardo La MagnaCaglar Onbasi

Riccardo La Magna is a civil engineer active in both research and practice. He received his doctorate summa cum laude from the Institute for Structures and Structural Design (ITKE) at the University of Stuttgart. In his dissertation he worked on flexurally active structures, in particular on the geometry and mechanics of shells and plates and their numerical simulation. He worked as a senior structural engineer and project manager at the engineering firm str.ucture GmbH and held visiting professorships at the chairs of structural engineering at the UdK and TU Berlin. Since 2020, he has been a Senior Associate at Jan Knippers Ingenieure, where he is involved in the development and project management of high-tech projects using innovative materials and advanced manufacturing techniques. His research interests are in simulation engineering, innovative structural systems and new materials for civil engineering.

Teaching and research concept

Form, geometry and material are inseparable aspects in the art of structural design. Bringing these building blocks together means approaching the contemporary challenges of structural design in an efficient and sustainable way. The professorship of Design of Structures (DoS) at KIT researches innovative material and structural systems, especially in the context of new digital tools and technologies, in order to develop sustainable and resource-efficient solutions for construction.

Project list

As ITKE Research Associate at the University of Stuttgart:

  • ICD/ITKE Research Pavilion 2011
  • ICD/ITKE Research Pavilion 2012
  • Bend9, Autodesk San Francisco 2016

As project engineer at str.ucture GmbH:

  • Danish Pavilion, Venice Biennale 2018
  • Fundación Alumnos 47, Mexico City 2018
  • Czech Pavilion, Expo Dubai 2020

As senior associate at Jan Knippers Ingenieure:

  • Daimler Star Arena, Sindelfingen 2020
  • Maison Fibre, Venice Biennale 2021
  • Texoversum, Reutlingen 2022