Studying in Special Circumstances / Compensation for disadvantages

KIT pays attention to the situation of students in special life situations. KIT is aware of its responsibility to implement the promotion of gender equality and to take into account the concerns of students in special life situations.

The aim is

  • to avoid any discrimination and to constructively promote equal opportunities, inclusion, and heterogeneity in the sense of a claim to the fair distribution of educational opportunities.
  • to take into account individual life situations in the sense of prospective students, applicants and students. In this context, it shall be ensured that clear and transparent responsibilities and processes are described within a differentiated counselling offer at KIT.
  • to be able to react to individual problem situations within the framework of university law and to handle formal procedures pragmatically and flexibly.

For individual counselling on possible measures and disadvantage compensation for students of architecture or art history, please make an appointment with Ms Doris Kern (doris.kern∂

Detailed information can be found on the website of the KIT Central Student Advisory Service.