Preparing yourself:

Leave of absence:

You have the possibility to take a leave of absence from KIT for the time of your studies abroad. During this time, your official study semesters continue to be counted whereas your actual study semesters are suspended. Here you can get all of the important information you need about a leave of absence.

Language courses:

In order to be optimally prepared for your stay abroad, you need to know the language of the respective country. Language skills are also usually required for your application. You can acquire these skills by taking a language course at the KIT Language Center. On-site language courses are usually offered as well, both intensive and study-accompanying language courses that you should definitely take advantage of.

You will find further information here: https://www.intl.kit.edu/ostudent/6082.php


Please ask the IStO about possible respectively necessary insurance policies.


The Federal Foreign Office provides information on visa and entry requirements.


A stay abroad usually involves additional financial expenses. In addition to the well-known Erasmus scholarship, there are numerous other offers of support as well as scholarship programs. The IStO has compiled an overview for you.

How many ECTS credits per semester do I have to earn abroad?

According to the study regulations, bachelor and master students must earn 30 ECTS credits per semester.

Which credits can I earn abroad?

It depends on your study progress and the chosen foreign university with regard as to what you can achieve there. You can find information on the university abroad that you would like to attend usually via their homepage. Here you can also see which courses are offered there.

After the official registration you will usually receive detailed information about the design programs and courses on offer as well as the registration deadlines of the respective international coordinator of the partner university. Many partner universities, however, only announce the range of subjects on offer at very short notice.

Learning agreement (only for Erasmus):

Before your stay abroad you have to choose the courses that you want to take at the foreign university. These courses are defined in a "Learning Agreement" between the host university and KIT.

Before drawing up a learning agreement, we recommend that you consult the dean's office of studies in order to be able to select the right courses at the partner university depending on the progress of your studies.

Then list your courses in the "Learning Agreement" and have it checked and signed by the FAi (Dr. Judith Reeh/Silke Marx).

Please note, however, that the courses offered at your partner university will probably not be known until shortly before the start of the semester and that you will therefore have to adapt your learning agreement to the current range of courses after your arrival. Therefore, a prior assurance from KIT with regard to the recognition of the credits you have earned abroad is not possible!

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