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Since 2012, the department yearbooks have provided insight into teaching, research, and diverse department life.

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Salutogenesis - The Yearbook 2021

Published October 2021
Jahrbuch 2021

Published in October 2021, the 372-page yearbook documents the teaching and research of the professorships and teaching areas and provides insight into the diverse department life.
In addition to the documentation of the professorships and teaching areas and the data section, which documents all important events of the academic year 2021/21 in text and images, the yearbook is again dedicated to discourse. Under the title "Salutogenesis", the Discourse section brings together contributions on the history and theory of architecture as well as on aspects of architectural practice. Starting from the question of how architecture affects a "process of recovery" of man, society, the city, the environment, or perhaps even the planet, the articles provide an up-to-date insight into the discussions and research at the KIT Department of Architecture.

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The contributions of the Discourse section:

Nina Rind
Salutogenesis - Introduction to the Discourse
Sophia Schmidt
(Retrograde) Lobotomy
Prof. Dr. Joaquín Medina Warmburg, Nina Rind, Nikolaus Koch
Architecture and Urban Infrastructure
Dr. Peter Zeile
The Urban Emotions Initiative - Building Block for a Stress-Free City?
Luciana Alanis, Nicolás Carbonare, Isabel Miño-Rodriguez, Romina Rissetto, Prof. Andreas Wagner
Good design or an emotional design?
Prof. Dr. Barbara Engel
Trimm-Dich-City: The new support programme for more urban health
Daniel Lythgoe
Recovering from Totality
Prof. Christian Inderbitzin, Prof. Dr. Joaquín Medina Warmburg
Green and Psyche in Cities

Yearbook 2021

372 pages
17 x 24 cm
ISBN 978-3-9816504-6-4


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Previous yearbooks

Future Pleasures - The Yearbook 2020

Published October 2020

On 364 pages, the yearbook published in October 2020 documents the teaching and research of the professorships and teaching areas and provides insight into the diverse department life.

In addition to the contributions from the professorships and teaching areas and the data section, which documents all the important events of the academic year 2019/20 in text and images, the yearbook is once again dedicated to discourse. Under the title "Future Pleasures", the contributions in the Discourse section explore the question of what role pleasure, delight and joy will play in architecture in the future. How is our understanding of the venustas from Vitruvius' famous triad changing in the face of the omnipresence of pressing issues such as sustainability, social and societal responsibility, resource conservation, modularization, and digitalization, all of which can be assigned to firmitas and utilitas? Which understanding of pleasure is suitable to meet the demands of sustainability and social responsibility?

The contributions of the discourse part:
Prof. Dr. Riklef Rambow - Future Pleasures - Introduction to the Discourse
Daniel Louis Lythgoe - The discomfort in pleasure
Prof. Stephen Craig - Smart but Stupid
Prof. Dr. Joaquín Medina Warmburg and Prof. Meinrad Morger - "Sensual Typologies
José Ortega y Gasset - Aesthetics in the Tramway
Jannis Bruns and Daniel Fischer - Making architecture

Yearbook 2020
Future Pleasures
364 pages
17 x 24 cm
ISBN 978-3-9816504-5-7

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Yearbook 2019

Published July 2019

Published in July 2019, the 376-page yearbook documents the teaching and research of the departments and provides insight into the diverse department life. The Discourse section, with contributions from members of the department, is devoted this time to the significance of cyclical processes in architecture under the title "Heavy Rotation - The Recurring in Architecture". Among other things, Prof. Meinrad Morger reports on formative events that influenced his path to architecture; Bernita Le Gerrette asks whether architecture still has a future; Oliver Jehle relates Hermann Sörgel's Atlantropa project to a painting by Max Ernst; graduate Florian Bengert discusses the smartphone as an architectural machine; and Anna Krüger introduces the architect Myra Warhaftig.

Readings from the discourse section:

Prof. Meinrad Morger (Department of Building Science)
The Course of Things

Bernita Le Gerrette (Department of Architectural Theory)
Cycles, continuums and spirals - Does architecture still have a future?

Prof. Dirk Hebel, Felix Heisel and Karsten Schlesier (Department of Sustainable Building)
On reusing and recycling

Yearbook 2019
Heavy Rotation
378 pages
17 x 24 cm
ISBN 978-3-9816504-4-0

Reality Check. Yearbook 2018 of the Department of Architecture

Just in time for the annual exhibition "Reinschauen" in July 2018, the new yearbook of the department was published: 400 pages of discourse, documentation and data from teaching, research and department life. In German and English.

"With the 2018 Yearbook, the KIT Department of Architecture once again offers a look at the work of its students and teachers. In a new format, the approach was taken to present the work in the individual disciplines in a more pointed way and at the same time to create space for discussion contributions by members of the department.
This resulted in the new Discourse section, in which eleven authors express their thoughts or take a stand on the topic of Reality Check - How much practice do we need? What is interesting here is the different ways in which the topic is dealt with - ranging from the personal experience of students with practice-oriented projects during their studies to the presentation and discussion of their own teaching concepts and events by lecturers to more fundamental discussions of the question. All in all, in my view, a successful introduction to a necessary open discussion on architectural topics, which is also carried outward through the yearbook. The documentation section covers a broad range of exemplary courses and selected research projects, which impressively demonstrates the diverse range of topics covered in the individual disciplines.
It reflects content from historical and humanities subjects, design and creative subjects, as well as engineering and planning subjects, and combines a fund of discipline-specific knowledge with a variety of competencies and skills. It documents the period from April 2017 to March 2018.

The yearbook is supplemented by information on events, personalia, prizes and awards, publications, etc., as well as an overview of the department's facilities. A special highlight is the picture essay about Frei Otto's models, which at the same time refers to the great fund of the Southwest German Archive for Architecture and Civil Engineering (saai), which belongs to the KIT Department of Architecture.
With this, I now cordially invite you to look at and read the book - but not without first expressing my great thanks to all those who have contributed to the redesign and publication of the book with their commitment far beyond the daily business."

Andreas Wagner, Associate Dean of the Department

Yearbook 2018
Reality Check
400 pp.
17 x 24 cm
ISBN 978-3-9816504-3-3

Here is an excerpt:

Yearbook 2015

Published July 2016

The Yearbook 2015 provides a comprehensive insight into the teaching, research and life at the Department of Architecture on 265 pages.
It was published on 28.06.2016 and - like all older editions of the yearbook - is available at the Dean's Office and the Department  Library for 5,- Euro.

The Yearbook 2014

Published July 2015