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BestandTeile - The Yearbook 2022

Published November 2022
Cover des JahrbuchsChristoph Engel

On 382 pages, the yearbook published in November 2022 documents the teaching and research of the professorships and provides insight into the diverse faculty life.
In addition to the documentation of the professorships and the data section, which documents all important events of the academic year 2021/22 in text and images, the yearbook is again dedicated to discourse. Under the title "BestandTeile," the Discourse section explores the fundamental question of what actually constitutes architecture. The contributions range from the (re)semantization of architectural components in architectural history to considerations of architectural theory.

The contributions of the discourse section:

Nina Rind
BestandTeile - Introduction to the Discourse

Manuela Gantner
Bestandlücken - In search of a female perspective in architectural history

Lukas Großmann
Accept or reject? Is architectural heritage to be considered a treasure or a debt?

Josep Garriga Tarrés, Prof. Simon Hartmann, Prof. Dr. Inge Hinterwaldner
Upscaling / Crafts / of Repairing

Philipp Schmider
Seminato - What can we learn from the Art of the Terrazzo alle Veneziana?

Emilie Klump, Matthis Epp, Lorenz Hanstein
The desire for the new stopped at nothing - An interview with the component dealer Florian Langenbeck

Federico Garrido
KITbashing - Design by catalogue in architecture

Sophia Schmidt
Non-physical components

Yearbook 2022

382 pages
17 x 24 cm
ISBN 978-3-9816504-7-1

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