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Since 2012, the department yearbooks have provided insight into teaching, research, and diverse department life.

Contacts - The 2023 yearbook

Published in October 2023
Jahrbuch KontakteZFW

On 468 pages, the yearbook published in October 2023 documents the teaching and research of the professorships and provides an insight into the diverse faculty life.
In addition to the documentation of the professorships and the data section, which covers all the important events of the 2022/23 academic year, the yearbook is dedicated to special events and projects from the documentation period in the new "Features" section. Under the title "Contacts", the feature section brings together articles that deal with forms of university exchange. A particular focus is on the Sto Foundation's guest professorships on the subject of "Sustainable Materials for a new Architectural Pratice.

The contributions to the feature section:

Maarten Gielen, Gaspard Geerts
Guest Professorship of the Sto Foundation

Kerstin Müller, Oliver Seidel
Guest Professorship of the Sto Foundation II

Peter van Assche, Katja Hogenboom
Guest Professorship of the Sto Foundation III

Elena Boerman
RoofKIT - Carbon storage and material storage

Jens Hauser
Shrinking instead of gluing - De/Growth

Arturo Romero Carnicero
Building and planning in an international context

Sandra Böhm, Dr. Anette Busse, Dr. Manuela Gantner, Fanny Kranz, Dr. Nina Rind
M* 1:1 - *Hidden views and female perspectives
in architecture

Yearbook 2023

468 pages
17 x 24 cm
ISBN 978-3-9816504-8-8


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