Semester Program Guide

The semester program booklet is published every semester at the beginning of the lecture period.

In addition to an excerpt from the KIT course catalog with the courses relevant to the degree programs of the Faculty of Architecture, the program booklet contains further information on dates in the respective semester, class schedules, exam registrations, information on the faculty's facilities, and excerpts from the study and examination regulations.


Semester program booklet winter semester 2023/34: german / englisch

Semester program booklet summer semester 2022: German/ English
Semester program winter semester 2021/22: German/ English
Semester program summer semester 2021: German/ English
Semester program winter term 2020/21: German/ English
Semesterprogram WS 2019/20 (German)
Semester programWS 2019/20 (English
Semesterprogram SS 2019 (German)
Semester program SS2019 (English)
Semester program WS2018/19 (German)
Semester programWS 2018/19 (English)
Faculty brochure SS 2018
Faculty brochure WS 2017/18
Faculty brochure SS 2017
Faculty brochure WS 2016/17
Faculty brochure SS 2016
Faculty brochure WS 2015/16
Faculty brochure SS 2015