After your stay

Credits awarded abroad:

Recognition of foreign achievements at the KIT-Department:

After your stay abroad, you can have your achievements recognized by the department representatives or the Dean of Studies (this is a two-step procedure). For this, you will need the transcript of records of the partner university and the recognition form of the KIT-Department.

Phase 1: Presentation of the transcript of records to the departmental representatives (professors). An evaluation of the achievements and credits earned with regard to equivalence then takes place.

Phase 2: Review of the application in the Dean's Office / FAi on the basis of the learning agreement and the transcript of records from the partner university. There then follows the presentation to the examination board.

The transcript of records of the performance abroad is submitted to the Dean's Office of Studies after confirmation by the examination board.

At you can find an overview of the recognition process and the recognition form.

Field report:

In order to give future interested parties an impression and overview of a stay abroad as well as the application procedure, the KIT-Department of Architecture asks you to write a field report after your return. We would like to publish it on our homepage and hope to support other students in their decision-making process regarding a stay abroad. You are also welcome to add photos, drawings, etc. to the report.

International Students Office:

Please note that after your return you will also have to submit various documents to the KIT International Students Office. For further information please contact the IStO.

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