Mentoring Program for new students

The mentoring program of the KIT Department of Architecture is integrated into the O-Phase with the aim of giving all first-year students a good start into their studies. Students of the 3rd and 5th semester, who have been prepared for this task with a training, accompany the new students during the O-Phase and are also available afterwards as contact persons for all possible questions concerning the studies. This provides easy and direct access to information and assistance at the beginning of the study program and promotes networking among the students of the faculty across semesters and study programs.

If you are interested in participating in the program as a mentor in the 3rd or 5th semester, please note the annual announcement of the program in mid/late July. To apply, please submit a short motivational text to the departmental student councils(fachschaft∂arch kit edu / fachschaft-kunstgeschichte∂web de). All art history students and applicants* from the 2nd and 4th semester of architecture are eligible to apply.

Become a mentor!

Apply now until 01 September 2022

In the winter semester, the KIT Department of Architecture continues its mentoring program! Join us and support students of the first semester of architecture and art history during the O-Phase and beyond with questions concerning their studies.

  • Participation in the mentoring training (1 day)
  • Support of the O-Phase planning
  • Support of the students during the O-Phase
  • Support of the students during their studies
    (approx. 1-2 dates/month, initially in the winter semester)
  • Support of the faculty at the study information day
  • Participation in the final meeting and feedback to the faculty (reflection report)

- Participation in faculty life and the good feeling of helping out
- Credit: 1 LP as key qualification

  • September 01, 2022: Application deadline for the mentoring program in the winter semester.
  • October 07, 2022: Mentoring training session
  • October 10 to 14, 2022: O-Phase
  • Mid-November: Participation in the study information day
  • By arrangement: Mentoring appointments during the semester